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A manually operated main switch must be provided for each mains feed in order to disconnect the machine's electrical equipment from the mains (e.g. when work on the electrical equipment is to be done).

  • Designed as a circuit breaker as per EN 60947-3 for category of use AC-23B
  • Manually operable with just one On and one Off position, which are clearly marked 0 and I
  • Visible isolating distance or position indicator, which can only indicate the Off position when a sufficient isolating distance as per EN 60947-3 exists between all contacts
  • Handle in black or grey
  • Can be locked in the Off position, e.g. with padlocks
  • Handle for the main switch easily accessible between 0.6 and 1.9m above the access level
  • Sufficient breaking capacity to cut off the largest motor's current when stalled along with the total of all other motors' and/or consumer units' operating currents.