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Supply Chain Duty of Care Act 

The Supply Chain Duty of Care (LkSG) obliges companies above a certain size (since 2023 those with at least 3,000 employees in Germany and as of 2024 with at least 1,000 employees in Germany) to observe specific duties of care in their supply chains in respect of human rights and the environment (these companies are known as obligated companies). The Act also has an impact on companies that don't fall under its scope but that are in a direct or indirect supplier relationship with an obligated company. That is because the LkSG provides for obligated companies collaborating with suppliers in the execution of their duties of care, including when the latter are themselves under no obligation pursuant to the Act.

Being an SME, we are not directly covered by the LkSG at present. We may nevertheless come into contact with the requirements of the Act if we provide services or products to a company that for its part is subject to the LkSG obligations. We have therefore decided to have our suppliers checked by an external body. The result of this check is summarised in the following certificate.