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Foundation in Tailfingen by Karl Schneider, Richard Maute and Gotthilf Ammann as an enterprise of the electric engineering industry for building installations.

DC starters and lever switches


Manufacture of DC starters and lever switches – the real year of birth of the switchgear specialist ELEKTRA TAILFINGEN. In the same year first patent application for a sewing machine control unit and series production of these control units.

star delta switches


The alternating current sets out to conquer the world and quickly displaces the DC networks. ELEKTRA took up this development by the manufacture of star delta switches up to 24 A and drum switches.

Trade show attendance 1938


Trade show attendance

new beginning


130 staff members are involved in the new beginning. The time of innovations in engineering starts.

cam switches


ELEKTRA cam switches supersede the known drum switches. Their advantages: Long contact duty, high switching capacities, small material input and favourable prices introduce a new era of economic switching technology. ELEKTRA had formative influence on this technology and is leading in this.



Administration, construction and development departments.

am switches in chamber construction


ELEKTRA cam switches in chamber construction enter the market. At the beginning with 2 up to 6 contact systems per chamber, later also in addition with bimetal contact as motor protective switch and further technical touches.

flat-type industrial plugs and sockets


Manufacture of flat-type industrial plugs and sockets in alu enclosures and with steatite inserts.

motor overload trip-switches


Development of the first motor overload trip-switches

Hannover Trade Fair 1961


Hannover Trade Fair

control units


ELEKTRA offer a new service with the production of control units. This service includes control units made as per customers‘ requirements for heating and ventilation devices.

CEKON industrial plugs and sockets


Year of birth of the world-renowned CEKON industrial plugs and sockets.

most efficient cam switch


ELEKTRA manufacture the largest and most efficient cam switch of the world for 1200 A.
Starting manufacture of current distributors for construction sites.

Drei- und vierpolige Kompakt-Hauptschalter


Three and four pole compact main switches enter the market.

certification as per DIN EN ISO 9001


ELEKTRA is given the certification as per DIN EN ISO 9001.

main switches S Series


New main switches S Series as emergency-off switches with undervoltage release.

Hannover Trade Fair 2005


Hannover Trade Fair

NNew foot-operated switch generation


New foot-operated switch generation.

New generation of current distributors


New generation of current distributors
- Sockets combination for wall-fixing in plastic enclosure, series Nemo
- Solid rubber current-distributor for wall-fixing, series Herkules
- Portable current-distributor in rubber enclosure, series Herkules

site power distribution cabinet


Latest generation site power distribution cabinet
- Cross-bracing of the sub-frame ensures cabinet is totally stable
- Compact design thanks to use of a lockable circuit breaker